Deity: The Essence

Founder: Master Prophet Ji'Hanju 


In Hanjuism there is no god or gods. Instead followers of the faith worship an "essence" which they believe is to be the foundation of all that exists in the universe. This essence, they say, does not have an intelligence comprehensible to humans and does not have a "personality" such as that given to the deities of other faiths. It simply exists. 

The faith says that there are three paths to perfection, and all of them must be followed equally: purity of mind, of body, and of spirit.

The founder of the Hanju Faith was a man by the name of Ji'Hanju. One night Ji'Hanju was wandering his village when suddenly he was struck down by a ray of light from the sky and became unconcious and when he awoken he felt a new spirit of energy inside of him. At first Ji'Hanju was unsure of what this could mean, but soon he realized that the ray of light that struck him created a connection between his soul and the essence which the  people of his region always believed existed in the universe. He had been given the gift to communicate with the essence in a way that was more powerful than the conventional signs of weather and various mystics used by the wise fathers and mothers at the time. He had been given communication with the divine!


Harvest Home Festival- which is a celebration to bless the years harvest, this is a giant feast and general party that begins after 4 days of prayer.

Ramish Day - It is yet another day meant for parties. All work, school and obligations are cancelled. People do nothing but party, frolic, spend time with family and loves, and above all, drink.

Festival of Light – Day that the “essence” appeared to Ji'Hanju

Spirit Fighter

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