Knightvision Studios is a hobby publishing outlet and electronic vanity press using the Sword & Wizardry as well as the Labyrinth Lord rule set. Eventually, KVS may offer "finished" works for sale, but this is just a future possibility, right now it's a labor of love.

In the meantime, everything on this site is free. All we ask is that you please observe copyright restrictions, and only copy this material for personal, "fair use" purposes. If you like what you see, please tell others about our site. If you have suggestions, submissions, affiliate or advertising ideas, or any other thoughts please use the contact link in the main menu.

Table of Contents

  1. What is this Place?
  2. Why Swords & Wizardry (retro-clone)?
  3. Is this a for-profit site? Do I have to pay for anything I download or sign up for anything?
  4. Who are you?
  5. Can I contribute to Knightvision Studios?
  6. Can I advertise on Knightvision Studios?
What is this Place?
A one-stop shop campaign setting and fan site for the Swords & Wizardry game by Mythmere Games.

Why Swords & Wizardry (retro-clone)?
A retro-clone, the way I use the term, refers specifically to a game that attempts to emulate as closely as is legally possible the game rules of another game.That's it. If you've ever encountered the various game emulators for NES, SEGA, and other old cartridge console games, then you have an idea what I mean.

Is this a for-profit site? Do I have to pay for anything I download or sign up for anything?
This site and its contents are 100% free at this time. We are looking for ways to monetize the site
with adventure modules, monster books in the future.

Who are you?
I am, like you (at least probably like you - if you're this far in the website I'd guess you have at least a passing
interest in D & D) a role-playing gamer, someone who really enjoys an older version of the game.
I played a lot when I was younger, put the game aside for many years and all but forgot about it.
In 2000 I saw that 3rd edition was coming out and saw that 1st edition was still being played by many gamers. I caught the RPG bug and decided to start playing again.  Since then I've rediscovered the game and gotten more and more folks  interested in it.

Can I contribute to Knightvision Studios?
There's always room for user-submitted material here at the Studios.
Please email me on matters regarding Knightvision Studios at info (at)

Can I advertise on Knightvision Studios?
1. Ads pertinent to Sword and Wizardry or any retro-clone style game only
2. Ads must be cleared by the staff at Knightvision Studios.
3. Fees: $25 for six months.

Terms subject to change.
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