Church of the Lord and Lady


Guidant (aka "Beacon") 

Reverend Master (aka "Church lord") 





Religious School Hierarchy 




Novice (Student)


Circulus - Symbol of the Church

Core belief: 

1. The Lord and Lady are the only true gods. There are no other gods. Without faith, or union with Lord and Lady, one cannot enter into the Celestial Palace and will be condemned to the Firestone Sea with the Destroyer. The Destroyer was once with the Lord and Lady but is now set apart. The Destroyer is allowed to tempt and deceive all those on Ebonyr for a time, The Lord and Lady are ultimately forgiving, but not always within the space of a lifetime. Death is the ultimate payback. 

2. Any other 'god or gods' are flawed and imperfect perceptions of the Lord and Lady. Those who believe in other deities are simply overwhelmed by the majesty of the Lord and Lady and have to break it down into smaller pieces for ease of thought. There is no sin in this as long as one remembers that in the end, the Lord and Lady are true and final.

3. Leading a life of great sin and evil will cause someone to be reincarnated as a monster, and forced to live life in the warped and mutilated form until such time as put to the death by a more righteous man, at which time the soul will be free to attempt reincarnation again.

4. Virtuous and good living leads to Celestial Palace. Sin and evil leads to monstrosity.

5. All good followers of the Lord and lady will find time in their lives at least once a week to come to church and join in the communal praising of gods and thanks giving for the world they has provided for us. In addition, it is thought to be good to say thanks in prayer once a day in the solitude of ones home. Tithing should be done when it is possible.

Views on the Spirit World 

1. Spirits are souls without physical form. They hold the capacity for both good and evil just as anything with a physical form. 2. Spirits of light and good are to be given assistance when called for just as any good person should be given assistance. Their goals are the same as ours. Those of darkness and evil should be banished and warded off, lest they corrupt you with their presence. 

3. Some spirits, like people, are created with the purpose of serving. These spirits are never to be harmed, for they are holy in the eyes of the Lord and Lady. Should the man that a spirit is serving be pure of heart, the spirit will be a boon to the world. However, callers of dark persuasion should be hunted immediately, for the spirits they come in contact with will be a curse, a blight upon the world. 

4. There is a world much like our own, the spirit world. It is not our part to enter this world unless in death. To force entry to the spirit world is blasphemous and will weigh heavily on the soul. Spirits can be called to the physical world for brief periods without divine retribution.

Of Church and State 

1. The church is the ear that hears the word of the Lord and Lady. The state is the hand, that achieves its will. Working in concert, the state and church can bring about the desires of the Lord and Lady and prosperity for all of humanity. 

2. The Church and the state are the holy eyes of the Lord and Lady.  

3. To question either is blasphemous even in thought and should be repented for immediately along with the expunging of such notions before they can do harm to yourself or other citizens. 


Views on Magic 

1. Magic touches upon the raw power of the Lord and Lady's creation. It is capable of amazing good and terrifying evil. Because of this, the use of magic should be watched and monitored carefully for signs of Corruption. Because of this, the church has created the Purifiers. 

2. Those who use magic for evil are even more vile than monsters and should be treated with ultimate prejudice. Kill on sight, questions reserved for later. If such a being can somehow be restrained without risking the life of a virtuous man, his crimes should be explained to him. If he is truly repentant, he will give up all ties to magic and finish his life in peaceful co existence with the world. If he refuses, Death is the best thing for all. 


Views on Marriage/Romance 

1. Marriage creates a permanent tie between souls. When people enter a marriage, they are bonding much deeper than the physical. They are fated to be wed in every incarnation they will ever experience. As rocks, trees, animals, birds, and fish, in each one, they will find one another and know the happiness of love. 

2. Because of this incredible longevity, it is urged strongly that all be sure of their commitment before entering a church with the intent of entering such a deep relationship. 


Religious texts: Codex of Truth, Book of Blessings and Book of Morals and Prayers. 


Days of Worship: 7th day of the week 


Houses of Worship: Private homes, Steeples and the Grand Steeple in Sherran 


Clerical authority: Council of Convocation in Sherran as well as religious texts. 


Militant factions: Oathguard and Blades of Judgement 


Non-Militant factions: Sisters of Salvation, Servants of the Lord, Core Divinus (aka "Brown Robes") 


Holidays: High day (Start of the new year), Holy Sunday, The Convocation and the Tithe Procession

Original Church Symbol


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