National Flag

Royal Coat of Arms

Who Rules:
Queen Alissia - The Queen is in charge of diplomatic relations. In matters of a Diplomatic nature, the Queen's orders supersede all others.

Who Really Rules:
Supreme Conclave - The elders of the five most powerful families in Cartha, leaders of the four main guilds and the Queen.

Cartha (city): 30,000 - Cartha (nation) 100,000

Major Products: TBD

Armed Forces:
Cartha Blades - 300 light cavalry
Cartha Hammers  - 1000 heavy infantry
Cartha Spears - 100 elite troops
Navy - 4 warships, 2 transport ships and the Queens flag ship
Taurian Guard - (Royal household troops) - 200

Religion: TBD

Local Lore:  TBD

First Families of Cartha 

Anaris Family (Royal)

Hibiki Family

Brightblade Family

Stormrage Family

Crescent Family

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